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Megasquads Slot Explained

Big Time Gaming has been hitting the headlines lately because they keep reinventing the concept of the digital video slot. These games were introduced in 1996 and for the most part, the standard slot format of 3 or 5 reels was adhered to for some considerable time. What did change was the types of symbols on the reels?

These became more sophisticated and they deviated from your standard slot symbols considerably. Slots became very theme orientated and the symbols on the reels reflected these themes. 5-reel slots became the norm, and this remained the case until recently when Big Time Gaming introduced Megaways slot games – play today.

Big Time Gaming and The Megaways Concept

Big Time Gaming is an Australian slot production house that was established in 2011. They are considered to be one of the smaller developers when compared to the likes of NetEnt and Playtech. However, they have recently hit the big time thanks to the creation of Megaways slot games. These games have shaken up the format of traditional slots by increasing the number of pay lines, symbols, and reels on slot games. Pay lines on these slots frequently surpass the 100,000 marks and there are 6 reels with an extra reel across the top of the main gaming platform. Symbols vary in numbers on the reels and this is because the size of the symbols constantly changes as well.

Big Time Gaming now sells its Megaways license to other slot game developers and the success of this concept has got them noticed as a major force in the slot developing industry.

Further Innovation

Big Time Gaming hasn’t stopped with the Megaways concept, in fact, they continue to push the boundaries. They are also behind the Megaclusters concept and also the new Megasquads slot concept.

Megasquads Slots: A Closer Look

Megasquad slots are played on 4 reel sets at the same time, this can be overwhelming to players at first, especially for those who are used to traditional slots. Each reel consists of a 4×4 grid with 256 pay lines. However, when you factor in all the grids and expanding reels triggered during bonus rounds or special features, then you could find yourself playing on an 8×8 grid with up to 16,777,216 active pay lines. This shows that Big Time Gaming certainly likes to think big when it comes to new slot game concepts and the mind boggles when you try to imagine what they will think of next.

Megasquads Games

The most popular Megasquads games include Slot Vegas Megasquads and this game comes loaded with Symbol Multipliers, Rainbow Wild Bonuses, and free spins. The Rainbow Wild is of particular interest here because if 2 land side by side, then the reels merge into one large 8-reel grid and this also activates the possibility of playing with 16,777,216 pay lines.

Final Thoughts

Whether these Megasquads games capture the publics’ imagination like Megaways slots have, remains to be seen. They are still relatively new and need more time before they are judged, but becoming as successful as the Megaways concept is a tall order.

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